Chris Leib

In an effort to support the arts community, the Austin Law Group features
quarterly art shows in its office gallery space. We showcase artists in all
mediums including painting, photography, sculpture and graphic arts.

Currently on view on our website are the paintings of Christopher Leib.  More
of his work can be viewed online at www.chrisleib.com

Our previously featured artists include:

Sandra Hemsworth: Photography
Barbara Cavoto: Paintings, Drawnings and Sculpture
Phyllis Christopher: Photography - www.phyllischristopher.com and www.thesexystuff.com
Dee Hibbert-Jones - www.deehibbert-jones.ucsc.edu
Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss – www.margoriveraweiss.com
Peter Max Lawrence - www.petermaxlawrence.com
Katherine Louise Mitchell - www.gleaminglark.typepad.com
Clarence Towers - www.towersphoto.com
David Goldberg - www.davidgoldbergphotography.com
Lauren Mentzel - www.laurenmentzel.com
Jennifer Mondfrans - www.jennifermondfrans.com

Nomi Talisman - www.nomitalisman.info

If you would like information about our shows and openings, please send us an
e-mail at austin@austinlawgroup.com with your address and name.