Chris Leib

The Austin Law Group is dedicated to making high quality legal services available and accessible for every community with which we work. We offer the following consultations and fee plans. Please contact us austin@austinlawgroup.com or 415-282-4511 to schedule a consultation.

Telephone Consultations

We offer an initial thirty-minute phone consultation at no cost to you. The Austin Law Group will explain our services and the associated fees while assessing your legal needs.

In Person Consultations

The Austin Law Group also can provide prospective clients with in-person consultations at a reasonable rate. The in-person consultations are payable at the time of consultation. The initial fees will be credited against work completed later, making the initial consultation free to subsequent clients.

Retainer Fees and Hourly Rates

The Austin Law Group will assess your case and arrange a reasonable retainer fee. Retainers are a sum of money that is held in trust by our firm, and our hourly fees and costs are subtracted from that account. Please call for a consultation as to our rates and retainer fees.

Flat Fees

Our firm offers flat fees and package rates for certain services such as our Independent Filmmakers Package and our Simple Estate Planning Package.

Deferred or Contingency Billing

Unfortunately, we cannot work on a deferred fee or contingency basis due to commitments to our existing clients. However we always work with our clients to make our services affordable.